Nablopomo #1 – Review: Your Mother was Right – Kate Reardon

It’s my first day of blogging for Nablopomo and I’m really excited about getting to post for 30 days in a row. I read a book this weekend that was fun and hit home more than a few times. It’s clever title, “Your Mother was Right” is a collection of tid bits of information we tend to have forgotten over the years. There is no one else like our Mother’s to help us along the way in growing from girls to becoming  women and having a book like this is a great go to when your Mother is unavailable.

Kate Reardon (the founder of has compiled a collection of advice from (mostly) Mom’s all over the world who provide helpful tips about all the things women go to their Mom’s for, beauty, cooking, men, etc.

The format throughout the book was clever in having individuals ask questions and having one or more answer provided. Some of the questions were answered a bit unconvincing, such as, “How can I find happiness?” Having fashion icon Donatella Versace answer, “Wear a fabulous smile and great jewelry and know that you are totally and utterly in control” seems a little cliché to me. I much preferred the incredible author, Salman Rushdie’s answer,

Being with my Sons.
Finishing a book.
Starting a book.
Being in the middle of a book.
Jameson’s on the rocks.
Vivian Blaine singing “A Person Could Develop a Cold” from the movie Guys and Dolls.
The Uffizi Museum.
The song “Bombay Meri Jaan”.
The company of friends.
Watching Roger Federer play tennis.
New York City.

The witty and clever reference guys also gives practical advice to, like did you know that in order to determine what side of the car your gas tank is on, you just have to look at the fuel gage on the dashboard and you’ll see an arrow pointing either right or left, thus eliminating having to pull the car to figure out what side you need to pull up to at a gas station… I’ve actually had to do this with a rental car before. Another fun fact I came across was that if you’d like to eliminate growing shoots from your potatoes, all you have to do is throw an apple in with them and it will help preserve them longer.

Let’s face it ladies, 9 times out of 10, our Mother’s are actually right, but when you need a quick ounce of advice is a variety of topics, you’ll be able to refer to this handy reference guide written by Kate Reardon for some additional guidance.


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