CBC Canada Reads – ReEder Recommendation

CBC Canada Reads is an exciting time for everyone, because we get to listen to 5 celebrity panelists defend a book that will ultimately become the Canada Reads title. Last year’s choice was the fabulous novel by Nicolas Dickner titled Nikolski. It’s that time of year again and this year CBC is mixing things up and allowing the general public to pitch a Canadian read that they think is worthy of being nominated as a potential candidate. You have until October 25th to send in your recommendation and on October 26th the top 40 nationwide selections will be announced. The five panelists will then choose a book (which has to have been written in the last 10 years) out of the 40 that Canada has recommended. I think it’s a really great way of getting Canada involved and a great way to get a lot of wonderful recommendations as well 😉

I wanted to put a nomination in that was worthy of being read and hopefully chosen by CBC. My choice was easy, because I’ve been telling everyone to read this book this year and my selection is Camilla Gibb’s, “The Beauty of Humanity Movement“. Instead of writing out why it should be nominated, I thought I too, would mix things up and create a vlog about why it should be considered as a selection in Canada Reads:

As promised, here is the cover of Camilla Gibb’s novel:


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