Review: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – J.K. Rowling

I’ve put Harry Potter on my axe list for a long time, claiming that it was too main stream for me and I swore I’d never read it, but when the KIRBC started up a new challenge, called the Reading Roulette challenging readers to voice their grievances about the books they would never pick up on their own. I was forced to rethink my opinions when fellow blogger Steph over at Bella’s Bookshelves told me that I was missing out on a fabulous and enchanting novel claiming that the novel is:

deliciously, ridiculously rich in imagination and encompass courage, fear, life, death, love, friendship, finding one’s true potential and purpose. There are chocolate frogs, every flavour jelly beans, butter beer, all manner of birds and beasts, real or mythical; there’s a room of requirement that houses anything you desperately need, a dining room whose ceiling mirrors the seasons and current climate of events. There are spells and potions and secrets, and fireworks and dark alleys and dangerous villains

After that rave review, how could I not try to read this book again for the 4th time. Well this time, I dug my heels in and decided that I was going to trudge on no matter how much fantasy was involved, typically I loathe fantasy novels. To my surprise, I was not bored at all, I don’t know what it was that I got hung up on in the past. Once Harry left the Dursley household, that’s when the story really picked up for me, because Harry finally really grew into his own person, no longer was he the boy who was ignored and shoved under the stairs, he was a boy wonder who was famous because of his parents wizard past. Harry learns that his parents did not die in a car accident (as his Aunt and Uncle incorrectly informed him)  their lives were cut short at the hands of the (rarely named) Voldemort.

Upon arriving at the school of Hogwarts, people are excited to hear of the arrival of the infamous Harry Potter, while Harry is just excited to eat a whole plate of dinner as opposed to having the few scrapings the Dursley’s gave him each night. Hogwarts is a school of learning how to be a successful and smart wizard. Harry quickly makes friends with Ron and Hermione who early on learn that not everyone is who they appear to be at Hogwarts. They find themselves on a few adventures, especially when they take on the task to capture the philosopher’s stone.

Steph wasn’t lying when she said the novel was filled with magic and rich imagination, it was a fabulous read that I wish I had read many years ago. I loved Harry’s personality and charisma and I cannot wait to read the whole series so I can be part of all the cool kids that read the Harry Potter novels. I’ve even managed to get a couple of the other books that are a part of the series and I cannot read them.

I just learned that there are an additional two books after the 5 I already have sitting on my kitchen table, so the lovely J.K. from KIRBC has kindly offered to let me get my hands on the last two copies!

Many thanks to the KIRBC and Steph for taking me out of my comfort zone and making me try something new. I was introduced to a different genre of books and I think it’s fair to say that avoiding mainstream novels might not be the best solution when it comes to my reading habits, because I’ve now learned that by avoiding these popular novels it may have hindered me in missing out on some great literature. I can tell you this though, I will continue to read the Harry Potter series with an open mind and a newfound respect for established and well-known fiction.


8 thoughts on “Review: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – J.K. Rowling

  1. Steph says:

    Woohoo!!! This is so exciting to me! Really, I’m absolutely, genuinely happy that you enjoyed them, that you’ve discovered something new about yourself as well. Opening new worlds like this…well, I might have more suggestions for you in the future! 🙂

    Just thinking about them again, reading your review, makes me want to pick them up YET AGAIN. They are pure magic to me.

    I’m so glad you have the rest. When you get going, you’ll be closing one cover to open the next…

    Happy escape! May your world be changed forever.

  2. JK says:

    Yay, Reeder! So glad you gave these another chance, because they ARE magical! I can’t wait for you to read the rest.

    Sarah also avoided them for the longest time (for similar reasons) and her BF and I stayed on her case until she finally caved — and she fell in love too!

    I’ll have this post up on the KIRBC soon! I’m happy to have you as the first person to enter round 3!

  3. Trisha says:

    If you’re in to audiobooks, these ones are excellent. The reader, Jim Dale, has won Grammies for Spoken Word for his performances.

  4. Emily says:

    It’s so cool that you decided to give Harry Potter another shot, and I’m thrilled that you enjoyed it!

    It is very likely that by the time you finish the series, you will (like me) have not only been entertained and enchanted by the stories, but also feel like you have many new fictional friends and a fictional home away from home (Hogwarts), and then it becomes very fun to re-read them to visit. 😀

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