Reading Roulette – I’ve been challenged!!!

Awhile back I entered a little challenge at the Keepin’ It Real Book Club where I voiced my grievances when it comes to particular books. The books that make me roll my eyes and run kicking and screaming in the other direction. I submitted this little blurb to the KIRBC:

Lindsey Reeder (@reeder_83ca) has a tendency to avoid anything vampire related and if it’s too mainstream, she’s usually running in the other direction. She has yet to read Harry Potter or The DaVinci Code, because she’s weird like that. She usually is found reading a lot of Canadian fiction, young adult fiction or the odd chick lit book when she’s in the mood for cheesy romance and The Bachelor/Bachelorette is not on the air.

… Well it seems that Steph over at Bella’s Bookshelves has called me out and thinks that I need to bite the bullet and pick up a copy of Harry Potter. Here is her reasoning behind why I need to get over my preconceived notions about particular mainstream books.

Hmmm, how to get you to read Harry Potter? What is it precisely, besides the fact that it’s popular, that keeps you from it?

When I wrote that post about HP not that long ago (, you said you thought about giving the books a go since you saw one of the movies and liked it. I have to tell you we’ve not only read the books more than once but we own the movies, too, and have watched them all numerous times. They don’t depart much from the books. They and the books have a special magic to them; they have an atmosphere that seems to prevent them from growing old, that makes you crave them at a certain time of year. They are substantial books, too, but page-turners, which make for satisfying reads. And they’re deliciously, ridiculously rich in imagination and encompass courage, fear, life, death, love, friendship, finding one’s true potential and purpose. There are chocolate frogs, every flavour jelly beans, butter beer, all manner of birds and beasts, real or mythical; there’s a room of requirement that houses anything you desperately need, a dining room whose ceiling mirrors the seasons and current climate of events. There are spells and potions and secrets, and fireworks and dark alleys and dangerous villains. There is everything you could possibly want out of a children’s book and then some, to make the story just as readable by adults; there is every bit of magic you want for yourself. You will laugh and be sad, you will fall in love with some characters and hate others. One thing that can be said for Harry Potter is that it is impossible to feel nothing at all.

I too don’t read much that is so hyped up, and I think Harry Potter was my first time really buying into that hype; I wanted to see what it was about, opened the first page of the first book, and the rest, as they say…well. After Harry proved not to disappoint, I thought that perhaps, like a cliche, there’s truth to the hype in some cases, and I’d be a fool to not try reading a book. What if I am, indeed, missing out on something that can make me happy in the enjoyment of it?

Steph is right, maybe it’s time to look past the cliches and read it as a book lover… maybe I am missing out on something amazing? So this afternoon, I plan on picking up my copy of Harry Potter (that I obtained sometime over the years) and try for the fourth time to figure out what it is that makes it such a staple in so many people’s libraries.

Happy Reading Folks! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Reading Roulette – I’ve been challenged!!!

  1. Kathleen says:

    I hope you enjoy reading Harry Potter. I would say it isn’t the sort of book I normally am drawn to either but I have enjoyed the first 3 books in the series so far.

    • LR says:

      I’m actually really enjoying it now that I’ve put my judgement aside! You were right, it’s a book that deserves uninterrupted time. I’m hoping to finish it today or tomorrow 🙂

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