Reading Roulette at the KIRBC

There’s a fun new project happening over at the Keepin’ It Real Book Club called Reading Roulette and as JK and Erin explain, it’s an “online bookish dare that challenges people to read what they hate and try to make other people do it too.” They want you to list and share what books you avoid at all costs, the books that make you cringe! After sharing your most hated genres, they want fellow bloggers to try to sway you with all the reasons why you should be reading the genres you typically avoid. You can use various ways to try to recommend a book to someone who you feel will help them see a new side to their most hated books, you can blog, vlog, do a dance, whatever works to get them to “see the light”.

Because I’m a huge fan of the KIRBC and try my best to attend all their meetings, I wanted to participate, so I sent a blurb about the books that make me cringe and roll my eyes. This week is the first round of Reading Roulette and I’m one of the ten participants that shared their reading hate ons:

Lindsey Reeder (@reeder_83ca) has a tendency to avoid anything vampire related and if it’s too mainstream, she’s usually running in the other direction. She has yet to read Harry Potter or The DaVinci Code, because she’s weird like that. She usually is found reading a lot of Canadian fiction, young adult fiction or the odd chick lit book when she’s in the mood for cheesy romance and The Bachelor/Bachelorette is not on the air.

The KIRBC wants you to change my mind, as well as any of the nine other participants. So if you travel over to the Round 1 stage of Reading Roulette, you can see all the books that send us kicking and screaming and try to convince us that we’re wrong by recommending books that you’re sure will change our minds.

I look forward to hear what suggestions you have to convince me that Harry Potter is the best book in the world or that my core would be shaken if I gave the Twilight series a chance. Come on readers, bring it on!!!

2 thoughts on “Reading Roulette at the KIRBC

  1. Kathleen says:

    I haven’t read The DaVinci Code, Girl with a Dragon Tattoo, the Suzanne Collins books, etc etc. I guess I’m the wrong person to convince you of anything as I tend to shy away from the most popular or hyped books. Oh, and I haven’t read the Twilight series either but I sure did enjoy Anne Rice’s Vampire Trilogy.

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