Review: A Man in Uniform – Kate Taylor

Above is my signed copy of Kate Taylor’s newest novel, “A Man in Uniform“!!! I went to her launch last week and got to meet the brilliant and talented Kate Taylor whose brother actually dressed up as a man in a uniform, if that isn’t sibling love, I don’t know what is! Over some tasty chips and wine, I heard Taylor explain her brilliant novel about love, deceit and a sense of mystery throughout the novel.

Set in Paris at the end of the nineteenth century, we meet Maitre Dubon, a lawyer who is living a secret life by having a mistress tucked away in an apartment he visits almost daily after work. Both his wife and mistress take a back seat when Madame Duhamel walks into his office and asks him to help free her friend Captain Dreyfus who is in prison for supposedly sharing information with the Germans even though he was on the Jewish side of the war. He is thrown into prison and detached from the outside world altogether. Madame Duhamel feels it’s an unfair judgement and is searching for justice. She travels to Dubon’s office in the search of justice.

Francois Dubon gets throughly invested when he decides to impersonate an officer to get a closer look at documents to discover the truth about Captain Alfred Dreyfus. The risk of impersonating an officer is risky, especially because he’s risking his career, his credibility and the two women he’s involved with, but he’s determined to follow through on his promise to the beautiful Madame Duhamel.

Kate Taylor has written a historical fictional novel based on the story of the Alfred Dreyfus case that occurred in the year 1894. She’s done a fabulous job of explaining the Dreyfus case, adding an element of suspense and a tweak of romance. I loved this novel and I know all of you will too!

Just for kicks, here’s a blurry shot of Kate Taylor at her book launch in Toronto’s Ben McNally’s Bookstore:


2 thoughts on “Review: A Man in Uniform – Kate Taylor

  1. Wandering Coyote says:

    I got this from Library Thing but haven’t gotten around to finishing it yet. My impression of the first couple of chapters is that it’s…not gripping. But how cool is it that you got to go to a launch?!

    Thanks for following on Twitter, BTW. I usually only use Twitter now for my book reviews, so I’m not there that often.

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