Review: Suite Scarlett – Maureen Johnson

I was lucky enough to win a copy of the audio copy of Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson over at My Books, My Life and I can’t thank Michelle enough, because I absolutely loved this adorable YA book. I very rarely listen to books on audio because I like the actual “reading” part, but I was pleasantly surprised how much I actually enjoyed having someone read me a story. It was a nice treat getting to actually see the trees on the way home, as opposed to missing them with my head down in a book. There’s no doubt, I’ll be using audio books in the future!

Now let’s get to the book itself, because it deserves some mad props. This is the story of Scarlett Martin who just turned 15 years old where she receives her very own cell phone. She is also informed by her parents that when the Martin children turned 15, they get the chore of having to attend to and take care of one of the rooms in their New York family owned hotel, the “Hopewell”. They don’t tend to get a lot of customers because big chains have somewhat taken over the city, but lo and behold, one guest checks in for the summer and gets placed in Scarlett’s suite. The Empire suite is occupied by Mrs. Amy Amberson, who quickly makes Scarlett wish she never owned a cell phone because Mrs. Amberson calls it on a regular basis requesting favors and chores that she needs done.

Scarlett thinks the summer is going to be a bore, because all her friends are away for the summer and Mrs. Amberson is her only form of entertainment, but all that changes when her brother Spencer signs onto a theatre play in the park. It is then that she gets introduced to the adorable, southern charmer, Eric who causes her to go weak in the knees everytime he comes around. At this point her summer takes an unexpectant turn and causes Scarlett to be involved in lying, stealing and secret romantic encounters.

I’ve seen this book splashed all over the blog world and it’s clear why everyone is such a big fan! I quickly fell in love with the Scarlett character and I cherished the relationship she shared with her brother Spencer. It was well written and had a sweet storyline. I was even more excited about it when I realized that Maureen Johnson wrote another novel involving Scarlett and Mrs. Amberson, “Scarlett Fever“. I’ve already bought it for my e-reader and will be devouring it asap.

Thanks again to Michelle at My Books, My Life

Are all of you fans of audio devices? I am a new fan and I’d love to get some insight about why you all like or dislike them. Let me know.

3 thoughts on “Review: Suite Scarlett – Maureen Johnson

  1. Mrs. Q: Book Addict says:

    Sounds like a great read! I’m not a fan of audio books because I tend to stop listening while it’s playing. I have a hard time focusing on it. I’ve only tried listening on my way home from work and I think i’m too tired.

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