Review: Dear George Clooney, Please Marry my Mom – Susin Nielsen

Meet Violet – a 12-year-old girl who is the product of a messy divorce. Her view on life is a little cynical after witnessing her Father cheating on her Mother with a Hollywood actress. Their divorce has been finalized for a little bit and Violet’s Mom is hell-bent on finding a significant other, even if it’s at the expense of Violet and 5-year-old Rosie’s happiness.

Violet is determined that each man that her Mother meets is a dud; and by the sounds of it, Violet’s right, there have been cheaters, married men and alcoholics. This is why Violet (and her best friend Phoebe) have to interject to find her Mom the perfect man and so they decide that the handsome, charming and animal loving George Clooney is the perfect choice.

You have great taste Violet! 🙂

Thus, begins the story of “Dear George Clooney, Please Marry my Mom“, written by Susin Nielsen (who also wrote the enjoyable novel, “Word Nerd“). Ingrid (Violet’s Mom) is a hair stylist and back in the day she styled celebrities hair… one of her clients was the charming George Clooney. Violet explains,

Mom loved George Clooney. She’d loved hom long before he’d become super-famous. Mom loved him from the first time she’d see him in a sitcom called The Facts of Life, which was on TV when she was a teenager, back in the Dark Ages. The photo Mom had was older than me, but it was personally signed to her because she’d actually met George Clooney. When se was still new to the business, she’d do what were known as day calls, filling in for stylists who were sick. One day, she’d been called to a movie set, and who walked in the trailer but George himself. She actually got to do his hair. That’s right, she touched his head. And he obviously liked her because he’d written on the picture ‘To Ingrid – May our paths cross again’

Violet and Phoebe construct a letter to Mr. Clooney explaining why he’s the perfect man for her Mom and why he should retract his widely stated belief that he will not get married again. This story is filled with a little troublemaker who is clearly acting out because she’s going through a difficult transition as she grows older, however, as a reader, you grow to love the mischievous Violet who only gets into these sticky situations because she loves her Mom.

It is a fun, sweet and unique story about divorce and it hits bookstores today, August 10th!

7 thoughts on “Review: Dear George Clooney, Please Marry my Mom – Susin Nielsen

  1. Lusty Reader says:

    love the cover, so many YA’s these days just have the best cover art! this sort of reminds me of the Hilary Duff/Mr. Big/ Heather Locklear movie, remember that? ok super teeny bopper cheesy but i watched it on tv one afternoon 😉

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