Review: Gimme a Call – Sarah Mlynowski


If you had the chance to tell your younger self something that you know now, what would you say??? I know I’d tell myself not to sweat the small stuff, because everything always works out. Getting the chance to talk to your former self is the premise of Sarah Mlynowski’s newest YA novel, “Gimme a Call”.

 Devi is a high school senior who has just got broken up with by her high school boyfriend Brian. She blames Brian for her lack of friendships, lack of social life and for her broken heart. She spends senior skip day at the mall (by herself) and accidentally drops her cell phone in the mall fountain. After retrieving it and shaking out the water, her phone will only call one number, her former self in freshman year (3 years ago, before the Brian debacle)

 You and the two Devi’s will go on adventure together, as Senior Devi (who renames herself Ivy) works to remove Brian from her life, she gets Freshman Devi (who gets renamed Frosh) to alter the way she speaks to her friends, the way she treats Brian and the kind of person she is, but sometimes messing with your past isn’t always a good thing.

 I loved this book and I think Sarah Mynowski hit it out of the park with a fun and insightful novel that really makes you think.

 So let me ask you this dear readers… what would you tell your younger self if you had the opportunity???


2 thoughts on “Review: Gimme a Call – Sarah Mlynowski

  1. Jessica says:

    seriously? Id tell my younger self to wear short skirts and crop tops because it’ll be the only time in your life your have the body for it.

  2. Amused says:

    What a great concept for a book! I wonder if 3 years in high school is enough separation though. I would tell my younger self to just calm down!

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