Review: High Voltage Tattoo – Kat Von D

Let me start off by saying that I’m a huge fan of Kat Von D, there is something about her attitude, personality and genuine approach to life that makes me want to be best friends with her. So when I got a copy of her book “High Voltage Tattoo” I was thrilled! I’m never been tattooed, but I’m fascinated with the stories and reasoning behind why people get tattoos and what they mean.

In her book, Kat Von D shares with the reader her story about how she became a tattoo artist and more importantly goes on to explain a number of her own tattoos by demonstrating a 6 page layout of her body explaining some of her most important tattoos like the one of her sister, her mother and her first tattoo, the letter “J” which is the initial of her first boyfriends name, James, which she says she’ll never cover up because that tattoo was the first step to finding her love of tattoos.

Throughout the book you get a sense of the amount of love she has for her parents, her brother Michael and the special bond she shares with her sister Karoline. Though her parents didn’t really understand her tattooing aspirations or the reasoning behind covering her body with them, they have come to realize that it’s a form of expression and having the show “LA Ink” and writing this book has helped them to understand why tattooing is important and therapeutic for Kat Von D.

The most important aspect of the book is obviously her art and the tattoos that she has tattooed on her friends, family and many clients over the years. There are many pictures of the people she’s tattooed and the experience that Kat had with them while working with a particular client and why they chose the piece they did. My favorite tattoo that Kat has done was on a woman named, Ashley Saller, who wanted to depict her marriage by having a book open (starting at her wrist) and having a glass slipper, castle and the words “happily ever after” placed on her whole sleeve. It’s simply breath-taking.

Kat also gives tips throughout the book about how to pick the right artist to give you a tattoo. She even gives options for different countries and where they should go if they’re interested in having the best of the best tattoo them. She mentions 2 artist in Canada, but sadly both are in BC… even though I’m a chicken and probably will never get a tattoo! Even with my lack of tattoos, Kat Von D continues to impress the hell out of me because she’s only 28 and has accomplished so much doing something that she loves to do. If you thinks she’s as rad as I do, then you should definitely pick up this book, because you’ll love her a little bit more after reading it!!!!


3 thoughts on “Review: High Voltage Tattoo – Kat Von D

  1. Cheryl - The Books I Read says:

    Oh I loved your review of this book. I didn’t even know that this book existed. I love Kat! I do have one tattoo, but plan on getting a few more. My husband thought I was crazy for getting the first one. I knew what I wanted and have never regretted it. I got dolphins around my ankle. I love dolphins and would love to swim with them someday. I want to get another one that symbolizes my kids, but I am not sure what to get yet. The guy who did my tattoo passed away, but the shop where he worked out of is still there, and I know someone that just went there and they did an awesome job. Maybe I can read this book and figure out what I should get next!

  2. JK says:

    Yes! This is like watching LA Ink/Miami Ink without all the boring parts! I should definitely read this book.

  3. RaAg says:


    You won’t believe but you kinda opened my heart out…
    You have pen’d my thoughts on Kat Von D ditto…
    Glad to see someone who thinks like me 🙂

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