Review: The Year of Finding Memory – Judy Fong Bates


The Year of Finding Memory” is a memoir written by Judy Fong Bates, who was born in China and moved to Ontario, Canada with her mother and father when she was a small child. The memoir is about Fong Bates parents and their experiences after moving from China to Canada and the effect it had on their relationship as a couple. It also lets the reader know about the dynamics between China and Canada on a young Fong Bates.

In an attempt to get better acquainted with her home land and reconnect to her deceased parents, Fong Bates and her husband, Michael travel to her father and mother’s hometown in China. There she meets brothers and sisters from both her parents previous marriages, siblings she’s never met before. On her first visit to China, Fong Bates discovers things about her parents that she never knew before. For the longest time, the author was embarrassed by her immigrant parents who hung vegetables from their clothes line and worked in a laundromat in Acton, Ontario. She believed they were poor as church mice and that her parents hated one another.

The things she discovers about her parents shock Fong Bates numerous times. After returning home to Ontario, the author and her husband travel back to China a second time to discover more about why her parents got married and more about why their family was “poor” in Canada.

It is an insightful view into Fong Bates self discovery and the beautiful world of China. Be sure to go pick it up this Tuesday when it goes on sale, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

3 thoughts on “Review: The Year of Finding Memory – Judy Fong Bates

  1. diane says:

    I was just mentioning on another blog, that it seems like there are more and more memoirs releasing lately. This one sounds really good; thanks so much

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