KIRBC’s contribution to “Keep Toronto Reading”

I’m part of this awesome book club that my good friend JK created back in the day. It’s called the “Keeping it Real Book Club” AKA KIRBC. Every couple months we all get together and bring books that each member loved and wants to boast about to other members. In the past, I’ve brought some pretty great reads like, “Lullabies by Little Criminals“, “The Angel’s Game” and “Unsweetined“.

JK is notorious for coming up with some brilliant ideas and she’s created a blog where she recommends books and gets KIRBC members to participate in group activities involving books. She recently created her own take on CBC’s Canada Reads selection and named it, “Civilians Reads”. Most recently, she asked us all to participate in the Toronto Public Library’s April event, Keep Toronto Reading, in which the library has asked members of our society to create 1 minute pitches about particular books we read and loved. I agreed to participate because I love her and because I love the books I pitched.

If you’re interested in seeing the video, head on over to the KIRBC’s website and check it out!!!

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