High Fidelity (the Book) vs High Fidelity (the Movie)

Top 5 reasons I liked the movie better:

1. After reading the book and then watching the movie, I found each character was so well cast that it made me ultimately enjoy the movie a teeny tiny bit more
2. John Cusack and Joan Cusack star in the movie together and that makes me incredibly happy
3. It’s a great love story
4. It made me laugh on more than one occasion – thank you Jack Black
5. Nick Hornby’s story isn’t altered at all in the movie

 Seeing as how many of the conversations in “High Fidelity” lead to the characters making top 5 lists of all things, it was only fitting that I listed the above reasons I enjoyed the movie a little bit better than the book. I just finished Nick Hornby’s book the other day and I have to say that it was one of the quickest, most enjoyable books I’ve read in a long time. It’s filled with heartache, angst and lots of recommendations about good pop music.

 Rob has just been left by his long term, live in girlfriend due to his immaturity and his fear of long term commitment. After she’s gone, he spends hours listening to music to drown out his sorrows and smoking countless cigarettes in his music store that he runs and operates with two “interesting” buddies.  

 After some self reflecting, he decides to look up the top 4 most memorable break ups he’s had over the years. This is done in an attempt to figure out “where he went wrong” and why he was always rejected by the opposite sex.

 It’s a story of coming to terms with your adulthood and provides a ton of music references that I jotted down as I was reading this novel.

Now… it’s time to give a recap of the movie version of this story.

 It stars John Cusack. Enough said. Cusack plays a wonderful sad, “Debbie Downer” character (please refer to “Say Anything”, “Serendipity”). That doesn’t mean I don’t love him though, because I’m a huge fan and I think he was the perfect choice to play the character Rob.

 The movie is almost completely spot on to Nick Hornby’s story and whoever was in charge of casting did an amazing job!

 There were only a couple of things off, but they were really really small things. Even though I enjoyed the movie a little bit more, I think it’s essential to read the book to get a good understanding of why Rob acts the way he does and as many of us already know, Nick Hornby is an incredible author who’s written some pretty great novels, “Fever Pitch”, “About a Boy” and his latest novel, “Juliet Naked”.

 So read this book and then watch this movie, because both are equally enjoyable.


2 thoughts on “High Fidelity (the Book) vs High Fidelity (the Movie)

  1. Amused says:

    I absolutely loved both the book and the movie! Your recap of both brought a big smile to my face! Nick Hornby is one of my favorite authors and I agree, they did a great job with the movie 🙂

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