Review: Stargirl – Jerry Spinelli

Stargirl has been on my shelf for quite some time. It has traveled through two moves and has patiently waited for me to read its contents. I’m now kicking myself that I didn’t read it earlier, because it was, in one word, outstanding.

 Jerry Spinelli has created a book that I believe all middle school and high school students should be reading. It is the story of a high school student who has renamed herself “Stargirl”. She’s the epitome of the term free spirit and spends her free time doing random acts of kindness for her community.

 She transfers into Mica High School and takes the school by storm, not in the best way though. She makes sure to strum her ukulele every time it’s someone’s birthday and cheers (to the extreme) at basketball games. Her carefree attitude attracts a young boy named Leo who becomes intrigued in terms of what she’ll do next. Leo explains, “She was different. We had no one to compare her to, no one to measure her against. She was unknown territory. Unsafe. We were afraid to get to close”

 When Stargirl shows interest in Leo, he is embarrassed but curious about where this could go and begins to hang out with her on a consistent basis. Of course he wants everyone else to see what he sees, so he urges Stargirl to become something she’s not. The results become the basis as to what makes this young adult novel so enjoyable.


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